Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Playbook Security designed for?
Playbook Security is designed for teams interested in running a tabletop exercise to test their preparedness to react to an incident. Our scenarios are relevant for most industries including financial services, healthcare, energy, education, state and local government, retail, agriculture and transportation

Previously organizations would have had to hire consultants to create a scenario and lead your team through a tabletop exercise. While consultants are always welcome to join and participate, Playbook Security software is designed to be used in absence of consultants.
How do Tabletop Exercises fit within my security training?
Security training takes many forms including individualized self-study to formal group classes. While most security training is technical in nature, some focus on policy, process and plans.

Most incident response training either focuses on detection and analysis or containment and recovery. Most organizations spend little time planning for and practicing how to handle an actual incident.

Playbook Security focuses on preparing for an incident. Since the vast majority of organizations will experience at least one security incident or breach over the next few years, how your organization responds is what will separate you from your competition. Practicing with and understanding how to work as a team is critical to an appropriate response.
How does Playbook Security work?
Playbook Security is a Software-as-a-Service product that guides organizations through a simulated cyber tabletop exercise.

A scenario is chosen by the exercise Admin who develops exercise objectives that align with the particular scenario they have selected. The Admin also invites tabletop exercise team members that can include resources from technical, operations, legal, public relations, facilities, risk management, internal audit teams, and other relevant internal and external stakeholders.

All individuals participating in the exercise log in to their Playbook Security accounts, and this allows them to see their exercise, which is presented in a series of Prompts (initial information about their particular scenario), Injects (additional information about the scenario that may be directed at the group, a department or individual) and Questions designed to prompt discussion, analysis and concrete actions to address the scenario.

During the exercise, Participants are encouraged to use the collaboration features of the Playbook Security platform to record observations, outstanding questions, gaps in process/policy/technology, and urgent issues.

Following completion of the exercise, Participants will complete an anonymous short survey to gauge their reaction to the exercise, and a group feedback session to record important takeaways.

The exercise Admin will use the information gathered in the group feedback session to record main strengths and opportunities for improvement in an after-action report and improvement plan. This report is created quickly within Playbook's software, and it can be shared internally with relevant stakeholders.
How difficult is Playbook Security to use?
Playbook is simple to use and no previous tabletop exercise or disaster recovery experience or training is necessary. Our easy to use interface walks you through the setup and execution of your tabletop exercise.
Who should attend a tabletop exercise?
You’re encouraged to invite all members of your organization's Incident Response Team, and any other individuals who may find the exercise valuable, including risk management, internal audit, public relations, legal counsel and C-Suite executives.

Most small businesses (those with fewer than 100 employees) will have 3-5 participants, and medium-sized businesses (those with more than 100 employees) will have 4-10 participants. However, these are just guidelines, and you’ll want to identify the appropriate tabletop exercise participants to meet your exercise objectives.
Can Playbook Security design tabletop scenarios to our specifications?
Playbook Security has a wide array of tabletop scenarios in the content library, but we’re always glad to discuss customized scenarios. Please contact us at to get started!
Do we need any special hardware or software to run Playbook Security?
Playbook Security software only requires a browser and Internet access to use. While Playbook Security has been optimized for Chrome, it works well with all major browsers.
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