Scenario-based training
for incident response teams
Playbook security is the best software platform to prepare your teams for security incidents
Simulate incident response activities
before they happen in real life
For most organizations, it’s no longer a question of if they will be a target of a cybersecurity attack. It’s a question of when.

Protect your company’s data, finances, intellectual property, and reputation before it's too late

Playbook helps your teams prepare for each step in the incident response lifecycle
Prepare for tabletop exercises
in minutes
Tabletop exercises are a great way for teams to learn, train, collaborate
in a low-stress environment
Customize exercise scenarios, discussion questions and injects to help your team evaluate specific areas in your processes, documentation, and communication
Available scenarios are frequently updated, and based on real threats that are relatable to your organization
Getting started with Playbook Security
Prepare and configure your incident response exercise
Select incident from library of relevant scenarios
Customize discussion topics and injections for your team (optional)
Invite internal and/or external Incident Response Team members and stakeholders
Complete tabletop exercise with your team using Playbook’s software to coordinate discussions and capture notes
Gather feedback from participants using Playbook’s software, and review collected feedback as a team
Review the results and document proposed changes to policies, processes, reporting, team memberships, and technologies
Create post-action PDF report to distribute to executive team members, board members, insurers, and compliance organizations
Playbook improves teams
throughout your organization
Tabletop exercises help highlight gaps that need to be addressed in any industry and on every team
C-Level Executives
Increase your confidence in your teams' ability to respond to an incident and gauge preparedness
Security Teams
Easily demonstrate to regulators that your company has adhered to scenario-based training requirements for your industry
Technical Teams
Review containment tactics and technical tools related to all 4 stages of incident response
Operations and Finance Teams
Identify and close gaps in physical security preparedness; prepare frameworks for when to contact law enforcement or pay extortion fees
Legal and Risk Management Teams
Prepare for breach disclosure requirements to regulators, insurance partners, and key stakeholders
PR + Communications Teams
Improve internal & external communications during incidents; develop best-practices for customer notifications and media communications
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